Jo Beverly – Malloren Series

Jo Beverly – Malloren Series

MyLadyNotoriousBook#1: My Lady Notorious

Desperate to help her widowed sister and baby escape a deadly pursuer, Lady Chastity Ware dresses as a highwayman and captures the first coach to travel down the road. Coming face-to-face with its occupant, the arrogant aristocrat Cyn Malloren, she orders him to drive her to a remote cottage. — Little does Chastity realize that after long months of recovering from his war wounds, the handsome Cyn is looking for adventure, and being abducted by a cocky highwayman — obviously a lovely woman in disguise — is even more than he had hoped for. Willingly he is drawn into her devilishly reckless plan… and helplessly he is seduced by her wonderfully wicked ways..

TemptingFortuneBook#2: Tempting Fortune

The Mallorens: — The inimitable Marquess of Rothgar is head of the Malloren family — four brothers and two sisters. One sister is married, but the rest are fair game for a hungry romance author! — A deliciously seductive story of sin, redemption, and desire… — THE STAKES — Portia St. Claire’s brother has gambled and lost, throwing her into the power of ruthless men. Their price for his life is her virtue, to be auctioned off in London’s most notorious brothel….

To retrieve an incriminating letter, Bryght Malloren once broke into a house where he was greeted at pistol point by a resolute woman… a woman he could swear stands before him, masked and trembling, on a madam’s auction block….

Unable to leave Portia to such a cruel fate, Bryght turns the private wager into a very public game of seduction, one that confirms his reputation as a shameless rake and keeps all of London society breathless with anticipation. But on a night shimmering with destiny, truth, and passion, those who tempt fortune risk losing everything… including their hearts….

SecretsOfTheNightBook#3: Secrets of the Night

When her elderly husband’s inability to sire an heir threatens everyone she cares for, young Rosamunde Overton is forced into a daring deceit at a scandalous masquerade. But then her nerve fails and she she flees, ready to give up all hope…until she rescues an infured nobleman who just might be the answer to her prayers. — Although Lord Brand Malloren lives far above the station of the mysterious lady who has taken him captive and captured his heart, he’s only too willing to follow her lead. Rosamunde too has fallen in love, but her reckless plan depends on secrecy. For to reveal herself could cost her everything….

TemptingFortuneBook#4: Something Wicked

It was a night of danger and intrigue. Disguised as the mysterious beauty Lisette, Lady Elfled Malloren anticipates only fun and flirtation at the Vauxhall Midsummer Night?s masquerade. Instead, the dark walkways lead to an encounter with treason, a brush with death, and a night of riotous passion with her family?s most dangerous enemy ? the elusive Earl of Walgrave. His control is indisputable, his power unquestionable, his attraction undeniable. And after just one night, Elf knows she will never forget the man she is forbidden to love?

DevilishBook#5: Devilish

Here is the untold story of the most mysterious and seductive character in the bestselling series — the Marquess of Rothgar…. — In this continuation of the Malloren saga, Jo Beverley concocts a spicy recipe with two characters who have sworn never to marry. Diana Westmount, Countess of Arradale, refuses to take a meddling husband and lose control of her fortune, her lands, and her life. Beowulf Malloren, the Marquess of Rothgar, carries a terrible family secret, one that prevents him from ever producing an heir. Thrown together when the king demands Rothgar escort Diana to court, however, the explosive chemistry between them melts their resolve to remain uninvolved. Unable to resist temptation, Bey and Diana’s passion threatens their freedom, their very sanity. Coupled with the intricate machinations of George III’s court, Bey and Diana must protect each other from themselves and their burgeoning obsession.

WinterFireBook#6: Winter Fire

The Mallorens: — The inimitable Marquess of Rothgar is head of the Malloren family — four brothers and two sisters.  One sister is married, but the rest are fair game… — Through no fault of her own, Genova Smith is in the precarious position of accompanying the Marquess of Ashart to the home of Lord Rothgar, his cousin and mortal enemy.  Even more distressing, she and the infuriating rake have been caught in a passionate kiss, forcing her into the dangerous situation of pretending to be in love with the one man capable of stealing her heart….

Caught in an unwanted betrothal, Lord Ashart plays the game to protect a lady’s virtue while pursuing darker purposes of his own.  To survive, he must confront his cousin and his past, but the passion that ignites between him and Genova threatens everything.  With her, he realizes he’s finally met his match — and if he isn’t careful, their staged engagement may turn into something deliciously real….

AMostUnsuitableManBook#7: A Most Unsuitable Man

The New York Times bestselling author brings back the most beloved family in romance! — Damaris Myddleton never expected to inherit a vast fortune-but she’s ready to use it to buy the most eligible title in England. In comes Mr. Fitzroger, the dashing but penniless adventurer who first saves her from social disaster, and then saves her life. Now, trapped in mystery, danger, and forbidden intimacy, Damaris fights not to surrender her freedom and her heart to a most unsuitable man.

ALadysSecretBook#8: A Lady’s Secret

THE NUN AND THE RAKE — When Robin Fitzvitry, the fun-loving Earl of Huntersdown, encounters a cursing nun in a French inn, he can’t resist the mystery: Expecting only amusement on the tedious journey home from Versailles, he offers to help Sister Immaculata reach England. — Petra d’Averio is not exactly a nun, though she has spent years in an Italian convent with her widowed mother. Her mother’s death has left her in danger, and she must find the only person who might protect her: her true father, an English lord who does not even know she exists.

This gorgeous young aristocrat will be a dangerous ally, but she’s glimpsed her pursuers and must race to the coast. She will resist him, use him, and eventually escape him with her virtue and secrets intact … she hopes.

TheSecretWeddingBook#9: The Secret Wedding

Home from a decade of war, Christian, Major Lord Grandiston wants to enjoy bachelor pleasures, but his father is wooing a rich woman on his behalf. Embarrassing, when he might already have a wife. Is Dorcas Froggatt alive, and if so, will she be his salvation or an even worse burden? He heads north to the industrial town of Sheffield to find out, but soon he’s on the run from the law with a woman who’s nothing but trouble, especially when they’re joined by a very peculiar cat.

TheSecretDukeBook#10: The Secret Duke

When Arabella Barstowe is kidnapped, she believes her life and virtue are forfeit-until she’s rescued by the notorious rogue Captain Rose.  Bella never expects to see him again.  But years later she learns the wicked truth behind her abduction, and she seeks out the only man who can help her take revenge.  — What she doesn’t know is that Captain Rose is just a disguise for the formidable Duke of Ithorne, who is intrigued to hear from the mysterious woman from his past. Their lives are soon entangled by danger and a growing forbidden passion.

AnUnlikelyCountessBook#11: An Unlikely Countess

Prudence Youlgrave is out to marry above her station and secure a happy life. Catesby Burgoyne is out to continue his noble family’s good name. When fate pushes them together, they are married-but this inconvenient marriage of convenience quickly turns into something much more…








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